GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

When building a fire it is mandatory for there to be heat, fuel and oxygen, when one of these is tainted you will have a harder time building that fire. As a human being there are 4 things that are mandatory-
1- Food
2- Air (oxygen in the air)
3- Water
4- Shelter
When one of these are tainted, then you will have a harder time living. Our food is tainted and we are being deceived by the companies that are producing it by not letting people know what it is that they are eating. They do not what you to know because you may choose to say no and not buy it. Forcing by Deceit.

Please research Genetically modified foods for yourself.
  • Do you really think that the companies are making these foods to help people?

    My opinion is,----- WRONG!

    Why has the EU (European Union) banned GMO foods?

    Why is the United States selling it for human consumption? ---Money or health—You decide?

    If you purchase a product and it has GMO ingredients, why is it not required that the companies have to state that there is GMO ingredients in that product? Deceit? Money driven?

    My opinion is that the companies do not want you to know because you will most likely choose not to purchase the product. My opinion is that they are deceiving people into buying their products. It is about money not your health and safety. My opinion is also that the United States Government is not helping either. Why? Because they are driven by the pressure of the company to allow the product to go out to the public and the lack of requirement to have an independent company test the products for several years before it goes out on the market. The companies test their own products and give the findings to the United States Government.

    Other information that you need to do your research: The Patenting of live organisms. It used to be prohibited; now it is standard practice.

    The help the United States gives to 3rd world countries is under conditions. One condition is that they purchase the seeds from specific companies and the people are deceived because the seeds either cannot reproduce (which are patented ) or they are patented and they are not allowed to use the seeds from the plants they planted to grow new crops. They have to purchase new seed each time which keeps them in poverty.

    Is the United States Government and the company’s from the United states really giving aid? Or is it Money driven (90%) and kindness of their heart Aid(10%)? You make that judgment call.

  • Please watch these videos. Form your own opinion!

  • Please tell others about this also. We all can stand up and fight this. Don’t buy the products these companies sell.

    Soy bean farmer/washer sued by Monsanto: Monsanto Vs Seed

    Cotton farmers in India committing suicide: Monsanto Indian Farmer suicide

    Future of food (Those companies that own the seeds own the market place): Future of Food Introduction

    Here is a website to go to and find out what it is that is wrong with GMO foods that you eat.

    This is a great site to learn about GMO products:

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